Saturday, March 1, 2008

This was so AMAZING!

I really have to share this with everyone,because it is really amazing photography of a never, ever seen before naturally occuring event, that happened last week when mum and dad took me and Tia done to dragonfly river for a long walk.

It got quite hot on our walk, and Tia (who dosn't like to do much, she's a couch potato cat-dog - that is, except for the fact that she can bark, she is more like a cat than a dog), anyhoo, she was hot and got a bit fed up by the end and tried to sit down in the middle of the path because she didn't want to move anymore.

Me on the other hand, I had plenty of energy coz I knew we were heading down to the river so I could cool off and have a swim. But the absolutely amazing, never-ever- seen-before by anyone in the whole wide world thing was that Tia (yes my Shar-Pei, cat-dog water hating sister) actually went in the water and flopped down in it!

I didn't really pay much attention (too busy chasing dragonflies and swimming) but mum and dad were very shocked and mum was so glad that she had taken the little camera with her to record the never-ever-seen-before event!

Here is the evidence that Tia willingly, of her own violition got wet!
Of course, I was too busy doing this to pay Tia much attention!

Tia sitting in the River

Tia laying in the water

Tia being rude and ignoring mum and dad for draggin her out for a walk in the coutryside.

Tia "How could you do anything that would *make* me go in water?"

And of course, a blog post wouldn't complete without some photos of me!

Woofs and buttsniffs!

Turbo Taj