Monday, January 28, 2008

When I grow up....................(Agility Photos)

I'm going to be an Agility star just like my dad!

My mum went to watch the first agility trial for 2008 the other night (the CAWA Agility Committee Fundraiser) and my dad (my dog dad, not my human dad!) was there competing against the other clever dogs.

I didn't get to go (this was the first time mum had been to see one and of course she had to take the camera). The photos sure look like all the dogs were having fun, and I can't wait to start back with my agility classess in a week or two, although mum says its going to be a long while before I can compete because I'm still too young.

Anyhowl, here are some photos of my dad .

Mum says he's very handsome, and thats why I am handsome too.
Hmmppfff. Handsome Shmansome, that stuff is for sissy's!

Mum says she kind of hopes that my coat dosn't get quite as thick as his because
I look big enough already, plus I already get very hot this summer!

My dad's name is Cypher, although on my Birth Certificate his name is
Nahrof Quick Change ADM2 JDM3 ADO4 JDO5 SPDX GD SD ET
(all those letters are the titles he has won, told you he's a superstar!).

He sure looks like he is having fun!

This next dog going through the tunnel (aka the"Canine Projector Shute")
is not a relative of mine, but he was very fast!

First jump of the triple

Second jump of the triple

Woo Hoo! Last jump of the triple, and dosn't he look pleased with himself!

This Border Collie is not a relative either.

Neither is this dog (a relative OR a Border Collie for that matter).

These are pretty big jumps that these clever dogs are going over!

Here's a German Shepherd Dog going through the tyre jump.
(When I grow up, Dad will make me one of these for the back yard).

And this one is just plain funny!

Now you know my mum, these wern't the only photos she took at the agility competition. In fact, she evn got sidetracked and took photos of some horses before she even got to the agility trial! I tell ya, give the woman a camera and she's off in LaLa land!

Ok, I'll let her post one horse photo here on my blog, but will have to have a look in her Flickr Gallery to see the other agility and horse photos (which she still hasn't finished uploading!).

Hrrrmmmpfff! I believe that this is now two blog posts that don't have a photo of me in them. Mum better sort that out pretty quick or I might have to go chew up one of her shoes!

Woofs and butt sniffs!

Turbo Taj

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Shock! The Horror! They had fun without me!

Well, all I can say is that I am not amused!

The other day, my family went out to some wonderful place that obviously had oodles of interesting animals to chase, things to see and new and exciting smells to smell (they thought I wouldn't know, but I could tell from their clothes when they got home, plus heres the photographic evidence) and they left me at home!

Now mum wants to show you all some photos of their big adventure without me, how rude is she?

I like cats! I'm good with cats!
I would have played with this one gently so I didn't hurt it!

And just look at these African Painted Dogs - they had a big area to run around in and I would have loved to play chasey and bitey face with them!

These little creatures are so cute, they're called Meerkats - like I said I like cats...
maybe MeeRkat stands for Me chase afteR cat?

That would have been fun;)

Ok, I'm an honest kind of guy, so I'll admit this thing looks a bit freaky -
I mean where is its FUR? I don't think I would have played with him.

Now, these two baboons on the otherhand,
well I'm always ready for a game of bitey-face!

Not so sure about this fella either (I think its the no-fur thing),
but I don't think he would have minded me having a swim in his pool!

I could have caught some of those fish - I like fish for dinner!

I know all about kangaroos, we get them in our backyard. I even chased two down the hill and through the bush the other day. Come to think about it, mum and dad wern't to happy about that. They were happy that I came back though (after five minutes or so when I lost sight of 'roos). Maybe that's why the family didn't take me on this big adventure?

Now this creature is a little Numbat (which apparently is very rare and endangered Australian native species), and I am sure that I could have bought it home to live happily in my toy box with my lambies. I love soft toys and I am very gentle with them.

Well, except for the ones that have sticky-out bits. I don't like sticky-out bits on my soft toys. That would be why my big eyed fish and lobster are now blind. And why Shrek is now deaf. Oh, and both my lambies don't have horns anymore. But I was very gentle and only removed the sticky-out bits that I didn't like (I'm a Border Collie - I'm very precise about these things). Although one of Shreks ears and one of lambies horns tasted pretty good so I did eat them, and no mum wasn't happy about that.

I think if I was allowed to have this Numbat toy, I would have to very gentley remove those ears - they stick out too much! Maybe thats why they didn't take me on this great adventure!

I don't think I have ever seen something that looks quite like this.
But I reckon it probably tastes like chicken.
I love chicken.

Mum would like to show you some more of her photos, but I'm saying that this is *MY* blog and enough is enough. Its bad enough they left me at home and went and had this great adventure at the Zoo without me!

But, if you really want to see more of mum's photos, you can see them in her Gallery and she will be adding more photos soon. You can even see more photos of me over there as well!

Now I think its about time Mum got off the computer and took me for a swim!

Woofs and wags and make sure your family takes you out for some FUN!

Turbo Taj

Border Collie Heaven (aka the river)

Howdy blogdogs!

Well, I know we havn't posted for a little while, you can blame my mum for that, she has been too busy taking photo's with her new dslr camera, but at least she hasn't been to busy to take me to my favourite place - Border Collie Heaven - where I get to run around, chase heaps of dragonflies and swim as much as I want to!

I wish all my dog blog friends could come and have a puppy picnic, look how much fun it is! And I know my mum would LOVE to take all your photos:)

Blue Water Baby

Where'd It Go? (or why are dragonflies so sneaky?)

Oops! That was a bit deeper than I expected!

Jump For Joy!

(Can you tell my daddy is a Jumping Champion?)

Border Collie Tennis Ball Tolling Retriever.

Butterfly ears

I can jump puddles

Blue Reflections

Sigh. Mum won't let me wonder off to far,
she keeps calling my back every time I go adventuring up river.

High Velocity Shake.

The only way to get water out of a long coat.
The trick to this trick is to first go stand next to the person
who does *not* want to get wet,
then shake it up baby!

And these are the fast flying creatures that are so much fun to chase!

What a great day we had! And because it was so hot, I got to go for another swim in the pool when we got hom:)

That's all for now,

Woofs and buttsniffs, and don't forget to have fun with your humans!

Turbo Taj

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dad bought Mum an DSLR!

Howdy friends!

I have to tell you all that my mum is just the happiest camper, because Dad bought her a Nikon D40x dSLR camera (too take lots and lots of photos of me of course!!!). She hasn't even read the manual yet (and reallys needs to so she can work out how to use it properly), but here are some of the first photos that she has taken with the new black beastie;)

Every morning I go outside and patrol the yard to see what new smells I can sniff out.

And this one is of one of the cats that I share my house with. This one is Gandalf. Sometimes we call him Sir Gandalf Foozlebum because, well he's a cat and he's a bit of a snob!

These are some photos of my cousin Smudge, he came over for a visit and a swim in my pool today. Smudge likes to play with the squeaky balls too.

I think Mum had as much fun today as I did!

Woofs and tailwags!

Turbo Taj

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Max and Me

I got to play with my friend Max the other day. Max is a Malinois Belgian Shepherd, she is about 6 weeks older than me and belongs to my nanna and pop.

We went for a swim, which I loved and Max hated (she's weird - I can't imagine *any* dog not liking swimming). I had to teach her a lesson or two because she is bigger than me and was being a bit rough, but then we played for ages and had a great time.

Mum says she apologizes for the quality of the pictures, but the sun was in the wrong position to get good ones.

After we had a swim, we hopped into the kids iceburg and played bitey-face.

Max bit my toes so I bit her elbow.

Max bit my face so I bit her foot.

Every now and again I caught mum taking photos of us through the fence.

There she goes with that camera again!

Just call me "Taj Crazy Teeth".

Its hard work playing bitey face on a hot day!

This seemed like as good a spot as any to have a rest and cool down,
- its a good life being a puppy and having fun!