Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Operation Bring Beau Home

In 2008, Dogs with Blogs worldwide are uniting to help bring Beau home.

Beau was stolen from his home in Guanaba, Queensland, Australia on 1 July 2003. Beau's Mum has not stopped looking for him since.

Beau is a registered English Setter, a fairly rare breed of dog in Australia. If you know of anyone who has purchased, found or obtained an adult male English Setter since July 2003, please visit Beau's website and look at all his photos.

Beau is an Orange Belton in colour - this means that he has orange/tan markings through his coat and tail and spots on his face an legs. The rest of his coat is white (not cream or red). His fur is short on his body and face with longer 'feathering' fur on his ears, legs, tail and tummy (although this longer hair might be clipped off).

Beau has a very distinctive face: he has a lot of orange/tan colouring and freckle like spots on his face , hazel eyes, a small pink mark in the bottom corner of one eye where the pigment is missing, and most disitinctive is his HEART SHAPED NOSE.

English Setters are medium sized dogs - about the same size as a Golden Retriever or Labrador.

Beau was micro-chipped and unsterilized when he was stolen (he may have been sterilized since then).

Beau's mum has searched Australia wide and has borrowed thousands and thousands of dollars for newspaper and magazine advertisements, flyers, leaflets, brouchures and mass mailings to vets, dog businesses, dog rescue groups, pounds, shelters, dog groomers, dog friendly accomodation and many other places Australia wide.

Beau's mum is offering a$10,000 REWARD for the safe return of Beau, no questions asked. Beau's mum just wants him back.

To read more about Beau and his Mum's desperate attempts to find him, please visit his website Finding Beau

You can even download and print this Finding Beau Flyer to put up on your local noticeboard.

These are about Beau and his mum's efforts to find him.

Beau's brother Hammer has a blog where you can be kept up to date on what is happening inthe search for Beau.

Trooper Taj, reporting for duty. Operation Bring Beau Home.

Please help spread the word and return Beau to his mum in 2008!

Operation Bring Beau Home


Jan said...

It's wonderful how bloggers unite for a cause, isn't it? We're proudly wearing our helmets too. We hope he is returned home soon. Jan would be frantic if one of us disappeared.

jans funny farm

Mack said...

You're great for posting that Turboman. I'm trying to convince my mom to wear a helmet around the house and at work in honor of Beau but she's being a butt and won't do it.

Anonymous said...

It's great that you have joined the mission Taj - you look awesome in your helmet!


Hammer said...

Dear Taj
Thank you very much for joining Stormy's mission to bring Beau home in 2008. Please thank your mum, Michelle too.
Mum wrote to every vet practice in WA again in Nov 2006 and she's writing to them all again this month, approx 250 of them. Twice a year mum also emails the council pounds, RSPCA shelters and the private dog rescue organisations throughout WA. In 2006 mum advertised in The West Australian and every Regional newspaper in WA. In 2007 she advertised in The West Australian and the major Rural newspaper in WA, I think it is called Farmers Weekly.
Mum has done this with every State of Australia. She is currently writing to the VICT and TAS vet practices again.
Apparently Beau has not been taken to a vet practice or a dog pound or shelter in the last 4 1/2 years, unless one of these organisations has ignored mum, but mum does not think they could behave this indecently.
We didn't get any sleep last nite. Beau was awarded Dog of the Day by Dogster who has 700,000 members. Maya and Kena did this for us.
We don't mind being so busy. It is good to have some attention on finding Beau.
Thank you for becoming one of Stormy's A04 Troopers. This mission will succeed !!!
Love from Hammer