Thursday, January 3, 2008

Whhheeeee!!! I can Walk on Water!

I had the best-est, most fun-est day yesterday! It was so hot, so Mum took me and the kids to a little river we have close to home, and I know I'm pretty clever (being a Border Collie and all), but look at me, I can actually WALK ON WATER!!!

Turbo Taj - Super Star!
(Ed: other than minor cropping of the background, this photo is straight out of the camera)

This is what this great place looks like, Mum says its even prettier in winter and you can see what it looks like if you have a look at the pictures of Solar the Siberian in her "Dogs" set in her album.

I tried to catch some little fish, but they were pretty quick!

I got to swim and swim and swim some more!

(Ed: Cue theme song from Jaws)

I'm not sure what happened to the rest of me, but its attached to my tail somewhere!

Mum thought I was noble looking, but I was really just eyeing off the ducks.

Border Collies are much better than Retrieving Water Spaniels!

The Face Plant was, of course, intentional.

I had to keep an eye on my kids though, just for a second at a time. I had the major zoomies and couldn't stop running and jumping and swimming. Mum said I got a bit silly and she had to put the retractable lead on me to spoil all my fun.

Nobody told me that there were holes in the water, but they all laughed when I fell in.

I even got to chase dragonflies!

I barked and barked...

and chased them some more...

I got so excited chasing the dragonflies that I fell in the water.

Mum said the only time my feet were still was when I did this....

...and this.

The one good thing about being on the retractable lead was that mum could reel me in,
those underwater rocks sure were slippery!

Mum said that she would have had another 500 or so photos to share with you all, but she was laughing so hard, most of them turned out blurry.

Its great to see all my friends adding their funny photos to our competition, my mum and dad sure are laughing lots!




Anonymous said...

What awesome, awesome photos Taj!!

That looks like a doggy paradise - I wish we had somewhere like that here to play!


Turbo Taj said...

Thanks River! It is a great place, I am very lucky to live where I do:)


Amber-Mae said...

Woh, you sure had the sooper funnest time ever ha Taj?! Wish I was there to join you too.

I had fun entering myself for the funny pictures competition. I hope those two pictures made you laugh, hehe! I got other that are funny too but I will later for the next competition to come up then I will upload these ones.

Thank you for letting me be a member of DogSites! That place is GREAT!!!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Johann The Dog said...

I have swimming envy!!! It is so cold here, I'd love to be doing what you're doing! What fun!

Woofs, Johann

Ripley said...

I wish I could chase dragonflies with you.... our dragonfly season here in California won't start for another 3 months. You're a lucky dog, Taj!

Turbo Taj said...

Amber-Mae, your funny pictures are very funny!

Yohann and Ripley, you can come and swim and chase dragonflies with me, I would love to have some friends to play with (at the moment our agility and obedience training are closed for summer, so I don't get to play with friends as much as I'd like).