Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dad bought Mum an DSLR!

Howdy friends!

I have to tell you all that my mum is just the happiest camper, because Dad bought her a Nikon D40x dSLR camera (too take lots and lots of photos of me of course!!!). She hasn't even read the manual yet (and reallys needs to so she can work out how to use it properly), but here are some of the first photos that she has taken with the new black beastie;)

Every morning I go outside and patrol the yard to see what new smells I can sniff out.

And this one is of one of the cats that I share my house with. This one is Gandalf. Sometimes we call him Sir Gandalf Foozlebum because, well he's a cat and he's a bit of a snob!

These are some photos of my cousin Smudge, he came over for a visit and a swim in my pool today. Smudge likes to play with the squeaky balls too.

I think Mum had as much fun today as I did!

Woofs and tailwags!

Turbo Taj


Peanut said...

Those are great pictures. Mom says she wishes she could afford one of those cameras

Mack said...

Wow - that new camera really shows off your handsomeness!

PKPWV said...

Great pictures!!!

Amber-Mae said...

WOW! Those photos are just PAWSOME Taj!!! My mommy is sooo jealous of your mom right now becoz she has always wanted a professional camera like hers too but she doesn't have the money to buy one. She will be able to one day...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos Taj!! Now you'll have the camera on you permanently!!


Ripley said...

I like to go on patrol, too. New smells make the day exciting!

Tatum Tot said...

Gorgeous Pictures! My Mum got a DSLR Last week too and she's being a madwoman with pictures!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You look cool in the photos dude. :)

chester.hi-flyer said...

Gandalf sure is cute!!!

I wish the cats in my household are snobs so they wouldn't bother me but NOOOOoooOOOOOO, they annoy the hell out of me and want to play every minute!!! *rolls eyes*

Even a Border Collie needs some time-out, u know!!!!

Johann The Dog said...

Big congrats on the new camera! You two will have so much fun with it. Already some really great pics!

Woofs, Johann