Thursday, January 24, 2008

Border Collie Heaven (aka the river)

Howdy blogdogs!

Well, I know we havn't posted for a little while, you can blame my mum for that, she has been too busy taking photo's with her new dslr camera, but at least she hasn't been to busy to take me to my favourite place - Border Collie Heaven - where I get to run around, chase heaps of dragonflies and swim as much as I want to!

I wish all my dog blog friends could come and have a puppy picnic, look how much fun it is! And I know my mum would LOVE to take all your photos:)

Blue Water Baby

Where'd It Go? (or why are dragonflies so sneaky?)

Oops! That was a bit deeper than I expected!

Jump For Joy!

(Can you tell my daddy is a Jumping Champion?)

Border Collie Tennis Ball Tolling Retriever.

Butterfly ears

I can jump puddles

Blue Reflections

Sigh. Mum won't let me wonder off to far,
she keeps calling my back every time I go adventuring up river.

High Velocity Shake.

The only way to get water out of a long coat.
The trick to this trick is to first go stand next to the person
who does *not* want to get wet,
then shake it up baby!

And these are the fast flying creatures that are so much fun to chase!

What a great day we had! And because it was so hot, I got to go for another swim in the pool when we got hom:)

That's all for now,

Woofs and buttsniffs, and don't forget to have fun with your humans!

Turbo Taj

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