Monday, January 28, 2008

When I grow up....................(Agility Photos)

I'm going to be an Agility star just like my dad!

My mum went to watch the first agility trial for 2008 the other night (the CAWA Agility Committee Fundraiser) and my dad (my dog dad, not my human dad!) was there competing against the other clever dogs.

I didn't get to go (this was the first time mum had been to see one and of course she had to take the camera). The photos sure look like all the dogs were having fun, and I can't wait to start back with my agility classess in a week or two, although mum says its going to be a long while before I can compete because I'm still too young.

Anyhowl, here are some photos of my dad .

Mum says he's very handsome, and thats why I am handsome too.
Hmmppfff. Handsome Shmansome, that stuff is for sissy's!

Mum says she kind of hopes that my coat dosn't get quite as thick as his because
I look big enough already, plus I already get very hot this summer!

My dad's name is Cypher, although on my Birth Certificate his name is
Nahrof Quick Change ADM2 JDM3 ADO4 JDO5 SPDX GD SD ET
(all those letters are the titles he has won, told you he's a superstar!).

He sure looks like he is having fun!

This next dog going through the tunnel (aka the"Canine Projector Shute")
is not a relative of mine, but he was very fast!

First jump of the triple

Second jump of the triple

Woo Hoo! Last jump of the triple, and dosn't he look pleased with himself!

This Border Collie is not a relative either.

Neither is this dog (a relative OR a Border Collie for that matter).

These are pretty big jumps that these clever dogs are going over!

Here's a German Shepherd Dog going through the tyre jump.
(When I grow up, Dad will make me one of these for the back yard).

And this one is just plain funny!

Now you know my mum, these wern't the only photos she took at the agility competition. In fact, she evn got sidetracked and took photos of some horses before she even got to the agility trial! I tell ya, give the woman a camera and she's off in LaLa land!

Ok, I'll let her post one horse photo here on my blog, but will have to have a look in her Flickr Gallery to see the other agility and horse photos (which she still hasn't finished uploading!).

Hrrrmmmpfff! I believe that this is now two blog posts that don't have a photo of me in them. Mum better sort that out pretty quick or I might have to go chew up one of her shoes!

Woofs and butt sniffs!

Turbo Taj


Pacco de Mongrel said...

your dad is awesome...i bet u will grow up just like him...excelling in agility trial..

can't wait to see you in action...i hope is soon...

Amber-Mae said...

Wow, your dad is a superstar! I don't get all those titles until today. What do they all stand for anyway? All those other doggies are pawsome too! I will never do as good as them but I know you will becoz you're a BC & BCs are known for their intelligence, agility & SPEED! We Goldens are knows for intelligence, calmness & food maniacs!!!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Mack said...

You are a superstar like your Daddy!

Anonymous said...

You and your dad sure are handsome! Work on it mate, and you will be as good as Mr. Cypher!

Anonymous said...

You both sure are handsome! Work on it mate, am sure your dad will be proud of you some day.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant photos!

Your dad is so beautiful and talented too by the looks of all those titles!!


The Brat Pack said...

You're a star just like your Dad!

Great pics!!!