Friday, January 4, 2008

Tia - The Dog Fairy and a tricky video

I know everyone likes to see photos of Tia as well as me, so I thought we would do a post just for Tia, although Mum says Tia's a lot harder to photograph than I am (Ed: photographers nightmare - tiny eyes, black fur, wrinkles and camera shy!).

Here's a video of Tia doing tricks - "high five", "gimme ten", "drop" "shake hands". I was only a baby then and you can see me sticking my head in the way:)

This is Tia being the Dog Fairy

I don't think she was very impressed.

Here she is doing the 'Hippo Face'

Mum says this is one of the nicest photos she has taken of Tia.

And another one.

Wing nut ears!

Isn't she pretty, wrinkles and all?


Anonymous said...

Tia is beautiful!!!


Ripley said...

Every dog deserves a day in the sun.... thanks for letting Tia have her!

Mack said...

Tia is beautiful!!
Looks like you REALLY wanted one of her treats in that video!! Almost enough to take it out of her mouth! Are you still that brave?

Amber-Mae said...

Taj, you want to be in the center of attention too ha? Hehehe... Tia sure is pweetty with all those wrinkles.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Izzie said...

Hi Taj and Michelle! Happy New Year. I passed on your blog to mama's work-buddy, as she has a BC and loves her!

I'm still trying to get to know all of you! You've been tagged on my blog (, so run over and learn about me, then teach me about you!

Turbo Taj said...

Tia is a real sweety, and yes I am still brave enough to steal things from her, so Mum makes sure that I mind my manners and don't steal Tia's treats!

Mum even makes us train together sometimes and I have to wait my turn while Tia does her tricks and gets treats (otherwise mum won't let me do my tricks, then I can't get my treats, so I mind my manners then!


Jake of Florida said...

How cool that you have your own resident photographer!! We have to put up with chopped off heads, missing tails, and half a paw!!

Jake and Just Harry