Sunday, February 24, 2008

Introducing Trinity!

I am the luckiest dog! I have a new baby sister to play with because my mum and dad adopted a little Border Collie puppy on Thursday. She is dad's special dog, like I am mum's special dog, even though I love everyone, and Tia is everyones special dog, but she loves everyone too.

My little sisters name is Trinity (Trin for short), apparently dad likes some movie called Matrix. She did have a different name (Jarrah) when she came home, which everybody liked, but they didn't think it suited her coz she is little and petite. Mum says her new name suits her because not only is she number three dog, but she also has three black marks on her face.

Tia is not so sure about Trinity yet (although she is not ignoring trin like she igmored me for the first month). I think Trinity is great fun, she likes to play bitey face with me, and she like my toys - but she can only play with the toys that I say she can play with (definitely not my LAMBIE!).

Trinity has her own toys, but I really like the eagle that dad bought her. Mum says I am not allowed to play with that, because it has sticky-out bits...and you know that I don't think toys should have sticky-out bits like eyes, ears or noses, so I have to perform surgery on them.

Trinity is a working bred border collie and we had to travel a long way in the car to get to her sheep farm. Trinity has a small medical condition (something to do with her teeth) that is why she needed to be adopted to a special home. Mum said something about us both going back for sheepdog training in a few months, which sounds like fun, I like sheeps.

Anyway, I suppose you want to see what she looks like now, so here are some photos.

This is me and Trin asleep in the kitchen, you can see how much bigger I am.

We were both really tired the morning after we got Trin because we didn't get home until it was really dark and way past my bedtime. Don't we look cute together?

And this is me jumping in the pool after my dumbell, just because I can!

Dad might start a blog for Trinity, so I will let you all know her address (I won't let mum start one, because she can't even keep up with posting all the things *I* do (like my agility classes, and obedience classes and trips to the river, and visits from my cousin, as well as the new training method she is teaching me, as well as finishing the videos that she has taken of me to put on youtube.) I think I will have to start barking at her to make her hurry up and get a move on!

Barks and buttsniffs

Turbo Taj


Amber-Mae said...

Oh, you have a new sissy? Trinity is soooo adorable & I love her three black dots on her face. They look like tears to me, like she's crying. She has such pink pink eyes too like Faith! Aww, just look at you both sleeping together...I'm sure she will be a great companion & sister!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

b13 said...

I agree with amber about the tears on Trinity (they must be of joy). She is such a cute little thing. That second to last picture is "to die for"!

Mack said...

Trinity is the perfect name for her!!

She is absolutely adorable!

Peanut said...

Oh she is cute to cute. You have fun with your new sis.

Cynthia Blue said...

Aww she is a cutie. :)

Snowball said...

Trinity is such a cutie. So are you!

Thank you for coming by my blog.