Friday, February 29, 2008

Too many to count!

I love it when mum and dad go to the shop because they usually bring something home for us pups:)

This morning mum got us (me and Trin that is, Tia dosn't play with toys) a new rope bone each, and because all of my other ones have been, umm well broken, they got me lots of these....(Amber does this look familiar to you?)

I will share them with Trinity of course, but she dosn't (yet) share my deep devotion to these glorious round things which are just the best invention ever. I'm teaching her though and she will jump into the pool after her special yellow ball. Mum took this video of her yesterday. Of course, she dosn't have my style and grace, but I think she is pretty darn clever for a 12 week old puppy, don't you?

Woofs! This is the life!

Turbo Taj

1 comment:

Mack said...

You Border Collie's are just so dang smart!!
Mom once had a dog from down your way (An Australian Shepherd) and she was a little brainiac!
Trinity is so precious!

PS: We "luuuuv" your accents!!