Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Look out World, here comes Air Taj!

Move over Michael Jordan, here comes Air Taj!

Faster than a speeding bullet!

More powerful than a locomotive!

Able to leap Koolie Crocodiles in a single bound!

Seriously, what else is a Border Collie meant to do on a hot Summer's day
when it is just too hot to run around?

Border Collie, Full of grace.

Or not.

Ah well, I come close, but nobody's perfect!

Woofs and buttsniffs

Turbo Taj


Peanut said...

There is something wrong with you that you go in the water like that. Really but you look like your having fun so to each dog their own I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Nice form there Taj - you look oh so graceful right before you crash into the water!!

Amber-Mae said...

Wow, awesome shots of you leaping into the pool! Hey, have you ever thought that you'll be good at dock diving? You know there's such thing as dock dogs? Dock dogs leap into the water as far as they can & retrieve a fake wooden duck or dumbell.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Turbo Taj said...

Peanut, diving into water is so much fun, but my sister Tia totally agrees with you and she hides at the other end of the house when I go swimming.

Amber-Mae, dock diving sounds like heaps of fun, but mum says we don't have that sport down here unfortunately.

Plus, mum says the weird thing I do before I dive probably wouldn't help me with dock diving (its a Border Collie thing I guess, I have to run one way around the pool, then maybe the other to work out the most efficient trajectory and the most perfect jumping angle so that I accurately hit my target first shot).

Its all good fun but!


Turbo Taj

Note from Taj's mum: Can anyone say "over-achiever"?

Mack said...

What great pics!

I don't know if I would like water or not. We have a little wadey pool in the summertime that I will fetch my floaty toys from, but your BIG pool looks a little on the scary side.

But you do look like you are having fun though!