Thursday, December 27, 2007

Beach Boy!

I'm such a lucky dog, mum and dad decided to take me and the kids to the beach for some fun! As soon as we parked the car, I remembered it from last week with Aunty Kim and my cousin Smudge.

I had to wait for mum to get my tennis balls and chucka out of the bag.

Didn't you know that Border Collies are better retrievers than Labs and Goldens?"

"I have to bring it back and drop it at mum's feet otherwise she won't chuck it again".

"Ha Ha this is so much fun!!!"

"You gotta keep one eye on those waves, otherwise they sneak up on you and pour over your head!"

"My mum and dad say I am such a happy boy."

"Catch me if you can!"

"I love running in the water, but I don't like the big waves that go over my head."

Look at all this open space and its all for the dogs!

Looks like some more lucky dogs have come down to the beach for some fun.

"Can I play, Mum, please can I?
On second thoughts I only want to chase them away from my tennis ball!"

Mr Sandman.

These are some of the other dogs we met at the beach today.

"Time to go. We live an hour away from the beach, we so had an icecream first (I even got my own little bucket of icecream - yum!). Tee Hee then I stole some of my kids chips on the way home, but they didn't really mind. When we got home we were all hot so we had a quick swim in the pool. I'm so lucky that my family want to have fun with me!"

Definitely a fun day for everyone. Oh and, for anyone who is wondering, Tia didn't come with us because she dosn't like water, overheats too easily, dosn't like the car, and is a bit selective with other dogs.

Can you believe she dosn't like toys or tennis balls either? But thats because she's a Shar-Pei, not a Border Collie!

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