Thursday, December 20, 2007

First Beach Trip

Taj_beach_0017, originally uploaded by Art By Michelle.

Photos From Taj's first trip to the beach 21 December 2007 with little "cousin" Smudge.

Brave puppy facing the big waves

Hurry up and throw the ball, I'm getting cold standing here!

Tennis ball Fishing in the surf

Blech!!! Beach water tastes like CRAP!!!!

A pensive moment with Taj gazing out to sea with the wind blowing his ears up.

I quite like the monotone look of this last image, which happened in camera without any editing.

Taj and Smudge: Taj "Gimme it - That ones better than my one!"

Taj: "Damn how did you get there first?"

Taj: "You can have that one"

Run, Smudgie Run!

Smudge is a purebred Koolie (aka German Koolie/Coolie) and is three and a half months old. Koolies are another working breed favoured by many Australian farmers.

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