Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Morning After

This is what tired puppies do on hot mornings after a late Christmas night!

Taj, Shrek and Tia

But later in the day....

Being a Border Collie, Taj needs lots of excercise rain, hail or shine and when its 43 degrees celcius during an Aussie summer, swimming can't be beat!

Looking very dignified and focussed.

Not so dignified SPLASHDOWN!!!
Close your eyes and block your nose!

Taj: "C'mon, Race ya to the steps!"

Taj: Doggy Paddle Superstar

Leaping out of the picture!

Taj: Underwater diving Superstar
(aka King Klutz slipping on the bricks)

Although it should be noted that he *does* have the
tennis ball in his mouth
and thats all that really counts!

Redeeming his dignity with a perfect 10!

It's great to have fun with your dog!

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