Saturday, December 22, 2007

First Close-up look at Sheep!

Taj_sheep_0351, originally uploaded by Art By Michelle.

Taj's first up close and personal experience with sheep at 4.5 months of age.

Taj: "What the HECK are those things?"

The "things" (sheep) in question - a Dorper ram and Damara ewes.

Taj: "And you want me to do WHAT with them?"

Taj: "Mum I'm really not so sure this is a good idea".

Taj: "Those things are bigger than me".

Taj: "Nah, not today thanks"

"I still don't get what I am meant to do, can't I just eat some more poo?"

"Maybe I should sniff their butts?"

"Yeah, well, now what?"

While this looks like a very well trained 4.5 month old puppy doing a down stay in front of sheep, I'll be honest and say I was standing beside him, I just crudely cloned myself out of the photo! I was pleased with his control, although it was more a case of lack of interest because they wern't moving.

Taj: "Whoa, wait a minute now, these things actually MOVE?"

"Well that makes ALL the difference!"

"So I can make 'em move, right mum?"

"WOO HOO!!! I Love SHEEP!"

"Don't mess with me sheep, I'm a BORDER COLLIE!"

What a wonderful experience (for both me and Taj!). The sheep belong to my parents (although my kids have claimed three of them, Patches, Shadow and Horny so I guess I can technically claim to be a sheep owner;).

To start with he was not interested in the sheep in the slightest - he was much more interested in eating their poop, eating the bread and chasing fly's, but when the sheep moved his instincts kicked in and boy did he get excited.

He was very disappointed when we let the sheep back out into their paddock, but I have no idea what I was doing and didn't want to injur him or the sheep. I have found a lady that does herding training and we will be starting that soon after Christmas (just for FUN!).

(Michelle, Taj's Mum)


chester.hi-flyer said...

oh wow Taj!!! u get to herd sheep - how lucky!!! where i come from, there's not many sheep for me to herd. :(

thank god the humans have 2 cats at home - they're perfect for honing my herding skills!!!!

i'll check back on your blog again later!

Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

Cool pics, there, Taj. My goofy brother Hamish also saw the sheep when he was about 4 mos. old. He ignored them and then he, like you, said--"Wait, I can make these things move?" There's been no turning back since then. I like to make them move too, but I'm not very good at it because I don't like to get too far from my person.

Nice to meet you in the blogosphere.


Johann The Dog said...

Hi Taj! Thanks for stopping by! Oh I remember the first day I saw sheep - I was a manic mess! I ran and barked and ran and barked - and I passed my instinct test!

You will have lots of fun training with sheep.

Really glad to meet ya! We'll stop by again!

Woofs, Johann

Daphné said...

Hi Taj!

You seem to enjoy the sheep :-D
It's good for a dog to have a hobby or a job :-) It channels the energy and makes the mum and the dog happy working together, bonding!

When are the classes starting?

Daphné and Valéas