Sunday, December 30, 2007

I can count to three (videos and photos)

We didn't do much today (Mum says they are all still recovering from the lead up to Christmas). I did get to go for a swim with everyone (I'm always the first one in the pool nowdays), but we spent a lot of itme inside sleeping today...that was until I decided that mum had to take me outside to play ball, us Border COllies just can't sit around all day without doing anything.

I learnt to count to three when I was a baby, but just before Christmas Mum taught me a new game when we are playing ball. I have to watch her arm and when she gives me the signal I have to turn away, move away from her, turn back and then lay down and I am not supposed to move until mum says my release word which is 'ok'. Then when mum throws the ball, I am not allowed to run and get the ball until she counts to 'three'.

Heres a couple of videos of me palying the 'away' game. The second video is a blooper, I am sure mum said 'three' not 'twelve'!

And because Mum just can't help herself with that stupid camera, here's some photo's that she took while making me wait for the ball.

If I watch realllllly closely, sometimes I can tell which direction the ball will go before mum even throws it for me.

Did you know that Border Collies crouch because it helps our legs launch us like rockets!

If I make my self into a Border Collie pancake maybe she will throw the damn ball!

Mum loves this photo, she says I look very regal and dignified and this is one she is
probably going to do a painting of.

To be honest, I was just wondering if it was dinner time.

Woofs for now!



Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Taj,

Just send me an email and I will send you the details to join the Bone Zone Forum - no problems :-)


Turbo Taj said...

Thanks Opy!